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Thread: Hiding Default Control Panel Options

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    Hiding Default Control Panel Options

    In Windows 2000, there appears to be five (5) default Control Panel options. They are:

    Administrative Tools
    Network and Dial-up Connections
    Scheduled Tasks

    Is it possible to hide any or all of these? Tweak UI allows nearly all other Control Panel options to be hidden, but why not these? Do these options only appear for an administrative user or do they exist for all users? Now, I know how to hide the Control Panel altogether, but I do not desire to do that. I want the Control Panel to be, at least, partially accessible. Furthermore, does anyone know of a tweak program that offers the capability of renaming Control Panel options?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can hide any folder in Windows 2000 by right clicking on the folder and choosing properties and then checking the hidden box. After that select "all subfolders and files" and everything will be hidden. You cannot, however, go through the control panel and hide files. The control Panel does not allow you to select properties when you right click. Instead you need to do a search and find the folder for Administrative Tools and then right click that to get to the properties.(The administrative tools folder is in C:\documents and settings\All users\start menu\programs ) Once the administrative tools folder is hidden it will still appear in the control panel but the files and folders inside will be hidden.
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    Or, go the sensible thing and start auditing to find out whos tryin to access admin tools..then shout at them and demote the gets...muhaahhahahaa

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