PC won't boot any way out ???
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Thread: PC won't boot any way out ???

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    PC won't boot any way out ???

    Its happened in the past , never as bad as this.
    Started as it did last timne a while back were incessanht "Not responding" got so bad I had to press power button and it didn't have the modern version of the hour glass - the turning circle. I left it and went back an hour later still just the Gigabyte screen no turning circle. Then after many attempts it actually appeared - 12-15 minutes later it seemed to have went to pass screen - only the screen was black, but the mouse cursor was moving. Gave it time - nothing
    Have tried several times since and nothing.
    Is there a way to get the damn thing to boot ?

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    Does that computer have a CD/DVD drive or a USB port? You could try booting a live Linux CS/DVD or flash drive to see if that works. If it does, I would suspect a hard drive issue. If not, then it might be a motherboard problem.

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