CCTV camera system for our warehouse-Suggestions/Advise please
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Thread: CCTV camera system for our warehouse-Suggestions/Advise please

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    CCTV camera system for our warehouse-Suggestions/Advise please

    Looking for suggestions on a CCTV system for my friends warehouse.
    Security companies want $35K to $45K to install. Nuts!!

    We want to install our own CCTV system instead:
    BNC has limitations on length of runs. Some runs from camera to HDVR will be up to 1,700 feet. I don't know if BNC amplifiers will give us a good enough signal boost.

    We could go with a 16 camera/port setup. Prefer onsite HDVR rather than cloud based. No need for a 3rd party monitoring company or being hooked up to our alarm system.

    We have a Mesh WiFi system. We don't need PTZ cameras at this time but if needed in the future would be nice to be able to use with the system we buy. If we use cameras for Mesh WiFi security I would assume we would have to power each camera by plugging it in?

    I have a Zosi system at home with BNC. Not bad. But the HDVR GUI is more DOS than Windows based and a bit annoying.

    Suggestions appreciated please. Brand systems? Types of systems?

    Thanks so much!!

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    1700 feet is a long distance. Where would you need to place a camera that far away from the main system? There may be better alternatives.

    Most systems you would be looking at would probably use ethernet network cabling. You could use POE (power over ethernet) to supply power to the cameras. Ethernet would get you 300 feet.

    More information would be useful in suggesting equipment options. On site video storage would be the way to go, as it eliminates numerous problems and issues.

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    Wow, JDC2000 - I am so sorry it has taken me so long to come back to reply to you. I have been ill and the boss (my friend) has had his mind on other business things along with traveling overseas. Also never got notification of a reply. I guess that feature is still not working on the forum.

    Yes, 1700 feet is a very long run however we have a very long elongated warehouse is some areas with 3 floors and the runs will not be clear-shots (up through and around walls and ceilings, back in opposite directions in some cases and out to the employee parking lot on the very end of the long warehouse. 1700 may be overestimate but I would expect that many runs will be more than the limit on BNC; not sure if a booster will even help. I have read that BNC is kind of outdated at this point or will be soon.

    POE may do it in some areas but not sure out to parking lot and the last loading dock/staging area may be more than 300 feet run.

    I think we are going to place this on hold for now. Boss has not been too in tune with this project with all else going on in the business.


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