Wi-fi card upgrade
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    Wi-fi card upgrade

    I've recently switched to a cheaper Internet Service Provider, one of the reasons being that I would get three times the speed. Instead, my speed has gone down, and now I can't even access my bank on my mobile phone when I'm in the house. I phoned the ISP, and they told me that the Wi-Fi card in my PC was only 2.4 ghz, whereas it should be 5 ghz. I can't understand this, because accessing the app on my phone shouldn't be affected by the Wi-Fi card that's in my PC, I wouldn't have thought? Can anyone advise on this please?

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    Your PC and phone are independent of each other. If anything, it would be your router and modem that are the common points of connection.

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    Difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz:


    I assume that you have set up your phone to connect to the new router or new router settings for the new ISP.

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