Hotel - Setup Router as Bridge or Repeater?
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Thread: Hotel - Setup Router as Bridge or Repeater?

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    Hotel - Setup Router as Bridge or Repeater?

    I have a travel router but it is kind of slow. I am planning to buy a TPLink Archer C80.

    When I am at the hotel and want to setup a secure network where I can connect my devices (including laptops "using ethernet" and phones) to use LAN and WIFI, should I setup the router mode as Bridge or Repeater? Most concern is about the security if you have any advices.

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    Are you sure the hotel allows guests to bridge to their routers?

    A wireless "bridge" is usually a dedicated wireless connection between the main and secondary routers. Then you'd only be able to use the Ethernet ports on the secondary router.

    If you still want to be able to use WiFi clients on the secondary router, that would be "repeater" mode. You'll get reduced speeds because 1/2 of the bandwidth is used to connect to the main router.

    Note that you will be exposing all your devices on the hotel's network. Bridging disables NAT on the secondary router. A bridge is basically an extension of the main network.

    I don't see bridge or repeater options in the TPLink Archer C80 manual.

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