Windows 11 23H2 download and install
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Thread: Windows 11 23H2 download and install

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    Windows 11 23H2 download and install

    Haven't been here in a long time. But I am getting ready to download and install the latest upgrade on my Windows 11. I already have 22H2. Will I have any problems? I am always nervous about upgrades and all that stuff!

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    Microsoft has been creating these updates for decades and BILLIONS of people have installed them.

    Sure, an extremely small number of people have problems. And there's no real way to know for sure.

    Cloning your hard drive is a sure fire solution if you want to go through that trouble.

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    This very reliable site always has bulletins about potential problems from new Windows versions, updates and recommendations on when and how to install them..

    Right now there seems to be a big problem with Windows update KB5034441.

    I always have a recent clone of my drive available in case of any kind of emergency. I use Acronis True Image. There are free programs available too like Macrium Reflect.

    I also regularly back up important documents and files onto a second drive for the same reason.

    FWIW I store all large media files on a separate drive so making backups of my main drive is much quicker.
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