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    OneDrive Issue

    I have had this issue with OneDrive for a very long time. Finally took the time to attempt to resolve it, and of course it is not as easy as it should be. So here I am again asking the Dr's for help.

    I use Outlook 365 as my mail manager. I have several different email accounts. One is my "personal" account that is I believe a pop3 account, not an imap. So this account has a .pst file that OneDrive don't like. I have searched and found that the way to resolve the issue is to move the .pst to a folder outside of OneDrive. Easy enough to do, but I can not find a way to redirect Outlook to the new location. In my email account settings I see the account listed as a Microsoft Exchange account. The .pst file changes time and date to reflect current.

    Any thoughts on how to redirect Outlook .pst files for this account?
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    OneDrive will attempt to steal all of you files if you let it. The solution is to copy the file(s) you want to control access to to a folder that is NOT one of the Microsoft default folders, on your hard drive or SSD, that you have created. for Outlook, I would suggest creating a C:\Outlook folder for this purpose. You should then be able to copy your Outlook .pst file(s) to that folder or sub-folders of that folder it you have multiple email accounts that you need to keep emails for. Once that is done, you should be able to redirect Outlook to use those .pst files in your folder(s).

    Note that the .pst files should also be backed up (copied) to a different drive or backup location periodically as well.

    Possibly useful links:

    Note that you did not mention which email domain you have that is an Exchange account. If it is a Microsoft controlled email address, Microsoft may make it difficult to re-locate your .pst file for that email address. Please keep us updated on your progress with this task, and let us know if you encounter problems.

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