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    OneDrive issue

    When I first accepted OneDrive everything on my computer that could be added was synced. I have had it for about a year with no issues at all. But now when I close Quicken and reopen it I get a message that Quicken can not find the data file. Quicken then opens to a screen that shows where the data file is located and I can click on it and I'm in business again. That "community" suggested moving the data file to a non-synced area, but I can not find an area that is not synced, as far as I can tell. I guess the data file is not on the computer but is in OneDrive cloud. How do I indicate the data file should not be synced, and have it on the computer? Any links that might help me unsync this data file?

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    Once you have OneDrive on your computer, you may find that you actually have NO files on YOUR hard drive. OneDrive may MOVE all of them to Microsoft's storage.

    To check on this, open This PC, them double click on the C: drive and navigate to:
    Where {UserName} is the user name of the logged in user.

    See if there are actually any documents there.

    If Microsoft has moved all of your files to their storage, getting them back onto your computer's drive may be a slightly more involved process than you might think. Verify if you still have YOUR copies of the files and we can suggest the steps to take.

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