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    Epic Privacy browser

    What ho one and all,

    I sometimes use Epic Privacy browser, and frequently, find that it will not load any web pages with the following message:

    Attachment 15796

    Resetting the browser setting makes no difference. I have also in the past re-installed, but again, no difference.

    However, there is a good chance that the next time I try to use it, all will be fine.

    Grateful if anyone has a solution.

    Thanks and toodle pip

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    Sounds like it's an issue with its built in VPN. Does it happen when you bypass the VPN?

    Have you tried doing what the browser manufacturer has suggested here re VPN settings?...


    My preference would be to use a more reliable and better known browser and a separate, also more reliable VPN. Brave Browser for eg and one of the recommended VPN's here:


    (PROTON VPN has a free version/plan)

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