Unlocking a Tracfone Smart Phone
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Thread: Unlocking a Tracfone Smart Phone

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    Question Unlocking a Tracfone Smart Phone

    Good Morning Everyone .
    My issue with my smart phone that has Tracfone Service on it is , I was having surgery and missed refilling the minute , so they deactivated my phone
    My phone number was gone and all my minutes !
    I called them repeatedly for a few weeks and go the major run around , we can fix that , you can’t get your number back or your unlimited everything ! Thing is it’s all supposed to roll over and it didn’t , so to mak a long story short , I want to unlock my phone and go with someone else , and when I asked them they asked for my name ( which I never gave to them when I bought the phone ) my phone number and alternative number address and email address and age.
    Why ????? I don’t think all that’s necessary
    Can anyone give me some help or ideas on this issue , Tracfone doesn’t seem to want to help , they keep sending me to Verizon and version says that’s Tracfone issue !!!
    Thank you,

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    What make and model of smart phone do you have?

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    Hi All ,
    I have LG L423DL Solo

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