Malvertising via brand impersonation is back again
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Thread: Malvertising via brand impersonation is back again

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    Malvertising via brand impersonation is back again

    In recent months, numerous incidents have shown that malvertising is on the rise again and affecting the user experience and trust in their favorite search engine. Indeed, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) include paid Google ads that in some cases lead to scams or malware
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    Lead data enrichment can play a crucial role in combating the rise of malvertising and protecting the user experience and trust in search engines. By leveraging lead data enrichment techniques, search engines can enhance their ad vetting processes and ensure that the ads displayed on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are legitimate and secure. With lead data enrichment, search engines can perform thorough background checks on advertisers before approving their ads for display. This process can involve verifying the advertiser's identity, assessing their previous ad performance and customer feedback, and analyzing their website for any suspicious or malicious elements.

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