It looks like there isn't a lot of activity here on this forum for gaming but I'm hoping to get a correct answer here or at least a point in the right direction. Searches elsewhere just turned up click bait or outright scams.

Please bare with me, I am very PlayStation illiterate.

All the mods and upgrades I've seen for this game have been amazing but how can I access and install them?

Does Sony offer pay for extras or pay to win? If so I've been unable to find them. When I search the PlayStation Store and search "Resident Evil 2" I can only find the game themselves for sale. I already own and installed Resident Evil 2 and 4 from the discs I purchased first hand.

I would think Sony would offer such features as they could charge for them.

The "bootleg" mods I've found have all been for the PC version only. I did find some videos saying there is a way to bring PC mods into PlayStation 5 by
-Off loading the whole game itself to a flash drive.
-Saving your saved game to a flash drive.
-Adding the mods to the flash drive on a PC.
-Reinstalling the whole game on PlayStation 5.

My problem with following these steps is that it seems very risky and I can't figure out how to do it as all these instructions assume I'm PlayStation literate which I'm not. I really need someone spell out how to do this or what I'm doing wrong.

I know I'm asking for a lot like someone totally illiterate trying to study Shakespeare but I really want to enjoy Shakespeare.