Speaker randomly makes alert sound
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Thread: Speaker randomly makes alert sound

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    Speaker randomly makes alert sound

    My PC runs on Windows 10 and for about a week now any disturbance to my mouse, for example accidentally bumping into the table that it stands on, causes an alert sound to issue from the speaker (the kind of sound that would be made if someone had just replied to you when exchanging messages in real time over the internet). It's become really irritating. Can anyone suggest a solution please. Thanks.

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    Are you sure that a mouse movement would cause this? Does this this happen when the computer is in standby mode (screen display is off due to inactivity). I assume that it does not happen every time you move the mouse while using the computer. Test it by moving the mouse while the computer is in standby mode. Post back the results.

    Windows 10 does sound a LOT of alerts, most of which you have no idea what is causing them. The only way I have found to completely disable them in standby mode is to open Volume Mixer and mute the System Sounds.

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