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    Google log-on

    What ho one and all,

    A question the just intrigues me.....

    When logging on to Google (G-Mail) I receive a verification message on my phone that only requires me to hit the 'Yes, it's me' button. But other sites where I can use Google to log-on, send a text message with verification number to my phone that I have to enter into the Google web site.

    Why are there two different methods of logging on to Google? Surely one consistent method is all the is needed?

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    Most likely explanation:

    When logging in to Google, you are logging in directly to Google. When logging in to the non-Google sites, they have to use whatever tools Google provides for verification through Google, and that has to go through whatever communications channel is used, so extra steps are needed.

    Consistency in Internet user interfaces? Surely you jest.

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