Using MS Edge and AOL email, an Oops, something happened message pops up
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Thread: Using MS Edge and AOL email, an Oops, something happened message pops up

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    Using MS Edge and AOL email, an Oops, something happened message pops up

    A friend asked for help. Using Win 10 and Edge, his home page is AOL mail. He said yesterday the screen turned blue and everything stopped. Finally left it and came back hours later and again clicked on Edge to get his email. It opened and then stopped loading, giving the message something had happened, retry. Closed Edge and opened Chrome and everything loaded to AOL mail. In trying to assist, I went to Programs in Control Panel and tried to repair Edge. A message came up that the file needed for this was not in the location needed. I have no idea where that is, so i downloaded Edge and reinstalled it. That did not help. Edge opens and stops saying something happened. I closed it and went to Chrome and BAM, the same message came up and it stopped loading. I opened Google browser and it went directly to AOL mail, as requested. What can I do to get Edge and Chrome to load AOL mail? My friend does little with the computer other than email and maybe write a document to snail mail. His concern is with the email so I did not try to check how Edge or Chrome acted with other software. Thanks for your assistance.

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    Google browser? Chrome is the Google web browser.

    Both Edge and Chrome use the same basic rendering engine, so it is not surprising that is one fails to work, the other one might also fail. At some point an update may fix the issue, but in the meantime, you could just install Firefox and see if AOL mail works in that browser.

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    My AOL email acc't currently works fine in Chrome and other Chrome based browsers (Brave and Vivaldi).. all the latest versions. A screenshot of the error message would be helpful. Have you cleared all browsing data from the browsers in question?

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    Was the pc ever rebooted during all of this?
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