Dead end trying to reset Win10 PIN
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Thread: Dead end trying to reset Win10 PIN

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    Dead end trying to reset Win10 PIN

    Hello all,

    I had to re-register on VirtualDr after being a user for 20+ years. I had been away for a very long time and forgot my password, and I cannot access my previous email any longer for a password reset.


    Concerning Windows 10:

    I also forgot my PIN to enter Windows 10 on my tower desktop PC (using a borrowed laptop at the moment).

    I tried following Microsoft's instructions several times for a PIN reset, but after many days I have NOT received an email for a password reset. I called Microsoft, but as soon as I make it known to the automated phone system that I have a password/PIN reset issue, I am directed to refer to the MS website for reset instructions ... which I have already tried several times. NO chance for a live person at MS.

    Another possibility I found is a USB flash drive with an app that allows you to bypass the initial PIN screen and create a new PIN. I have no idea if this really works, or if my files will remain intact.

    For the record, I only have ONE drive on my tower desktop: a WD Black 1TB M.2 drive. Also, I did have everything backed up on a Seagate 3TB external HDD, but it failed

    Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    - David G.

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    Sorry - The site rules won't let us help you with lost passwords etc.

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