[RESOLVED] Why so many instances of MS Edge browser in my Task Manager?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Why so many instances of MS Edge browser in my Task Manager?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Why so many instances of MS Edge browser in my Task Manager?

    Running Windows 10
    Microsoft Edge
    Version 109.0.1518.61 (Official build) (64-bit)

    Curiosity only maybe but I noticed a slow down in my laptop performance at times and I go to task manager to see what may be slowing it or using a lot of disk.

    When I use the browser many times I will open a new window in the browser. I find it easier to find things as I go on.

    I have noticed though that if I have as an example 4 windows of Edge open at one time "Task Manager" will show something like 18 separate instances of Edge. Why is this?

    Sometimes it seems that Edge is slowing my system down or actually consuming a lot of disk usage for only a few open browser windows.

    Any rational on this? Am I doing something wrong?


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    Chrome does the same thing. Been this way for several years.

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    MS Edge is based on the same engine as Google Chrome, so the same reasons apply.

    The disk use is probably from the disk caching.

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    Ahhh, now I understand.
    Ok, as long as it was not something wrong with my system. I just could not understand why so many open processes for a couple of browser windows being open.

    I read up on the link (thanks).

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    FWIW, you can kiil all instances of the Edge browser with the following run ([Winkey][R]) command:

    taskkill /f /im msedge.exe

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