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    HDD set-up

    What ho one and all,

    I take photos for the local parish council, some are used for the newsletter, sometime on the web site, most for a future record.

    I shoot in Nikon RAW, edit in 16 bit tif and convert to jpg for uploading.

    The council gave me a 2tb HDD to store and back-up the photos.. I have set the HDD with two partitions, one for the RAW files, the other for Tif/Jpg. Both partitions have numerous folders for the various topics (Council Meeting; Christmas; Station; Shops; Retailers; etc) Both partitions have the same folder names.

    Seems to me to be getting too complex so I would like to copy all the NEF files from each folder to the same folder name on the Tif/Jpg partition so that all photos (RAW,Tif,Jpg) with the same file number are together. As such, not a problem as there is plenty of space..

    But when all the NEF files are copied and I delete the NEF partition, what happens to all that space on the HDD. Can I merge the empty space without damaging all the hero files in the back-up partition? If all the files are no in the 'back' section of the HDD, do they stay there or get moved to the front section?

    I have done this before but had back-ups and only working with smaller folders and HDD,never terabytes or gigabytes.


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    First of all, once you get the files to where you want them, you then need a backup of ALL of them, in case something goes wrong during the re-partitioning (power glitch, other issue, etc.).

    After that, you can use a partitioning tool to delete the partition that is no longer needed, and merge the space with the remaining partition. I am assuming that they are both Primary partitions.

    It should not matter whether you keep the first or the second partition, you should be able to combine the space. As previously stated, you need a complete VERIFIED backup somewhere before you try this.

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    HDD is an electromechanical storage device, short for hard disk. It uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital data. It is a non-volatile storage device. All computers require a storage device, and an HDD is an example of one type of storage device. The time to read and write data to HDD is long. On the other hand, a hard disk supports fewer operations.

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