What ho one and all,

I take photos for the local parish council, some are used for the newsletter, sometime on the web site, most for a future record.

I shoot in Nikon RAW, edit in 16 bit tif and convert to jpg for uploading.

The council gave me a 2tb HDD to store and back-up the photos.. I have set the HDD with two partitions, one for the RAW files, the other for Tif/Jpg. Both partitions have numerous folders for the various topics (Council Meeting; Christmas; Station; Shops; Retailers; etc) Both partitions have the same folder names.

Seems to me to be getting too complex so I would like to copy all the NEF files from each folder to the same folder name on the Tif/Jpg partition so that all photos (RAW,Tif,Jpg) with the same file number are together. As such, not a problem as there is plenty of space..

But when all the NEF files are copied and I delete the NEF partition, what happens to all that space on the HDD. Can I merge the empty space without damaging all the hero files in the back-up partition? If all the files are no in the 'back' section of the HDD, do they stay there or get moved to the front section?

I have done this before but had back-ups and only working with smaller folders and HDD,never terabytes or gigabytes.