PC freezing... performance monitor corrupt... ReadyBoost... where to start
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Thread: PC freezing... performance monitor corrupt... ReadyBoost... where to start

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    PC freezing... performance monitor corrupt... ReadyBoost... where to start

    My HP desktop keeps freezing and I have to turn off the power every couple of hours to reboot it. Why didn't/ don't I just get off and fix it...I have huge projects this month with drop-dead deadlines and they're not something I can do on my laptop and my 2nd desktop isn't set up yet. Of course if it all goes down like a house of cards guess I'd have no other choice <cringe>

    There's numerous errors in Event Viewer but what is showing just before a crash is the performance monitor is corrupt - event ID LoadPerf 3011 & 3012. When I tried Performance Monitor Control I got a pop up "Unable to add these counters:
    \Memory\Available MBytes
    \Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use
    \Memory\Cache Faults/sec
    \Memory Cache Faults/sec (yes, it's on there twice)
    \PhysicalDisk(*)\% Idle Time
    \PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length
    \Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec"

    I started looking into troubleshooting and most of what I found relates to servers. Some fixes were as 'simple' as a registry change (...\Perflib Disable Performance Counters), then it got into rebuilding the performance counter library and lodctr /R and WMI... all that is way above my paygrade, so I ran Malwarebytes lol.

    This PC has needed some serious TLC for awhile, and I'm not sure if this was the last straw, but a week ago I was trying to get my USB ports to work consistently to copy files to my 128GB flash drive (that's a whole other thread) and unchecked "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" for all 5 ports and it worked...! Until it didn't and there was a check in the power management box and once again, windows is intermittently dropping the USB drives.

    I also tried to use ReadyBoost with finally usable ports because this PC is crappy slow (disk often over 50% with high CPU and memory) and constant messages about apps 'not responding', but of course that went south with the checked box. So 2 days ago I stopped using ReadyBoost ("Stop using this device") but I don't think my PC has figured that out yet because as of only a couple hours ago event viewer shows a Kernel-EventTracing error event ID 3 " Session ReadyBoost" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188" & Kernel-EventTracing error event ID 4 "The maximum file size for session ReadyBoost" has been reached. As a result, events might be lost (not logged) to file "C:\WIndows\Prefetch\ReadyBoot\ReadyBoot.etl". The maximum files size is currently set to 20971520 bytes."

    There is also an event for "Session "CldFltLog" failed to start with the following error:0xC000022" Kernel-EventTracing error event ID 2.

    And last but not least is a Server error event id 2511 "The server service was unable to recreate the share Pictures because the directory C:\Users\[name]\Pictures no longer exists. Please run "net share Pictures / delete" to delete the share, or recreate the directory c:\Users\[name]\Pictures." and indeed, there are folders for Documents, Downloads, Music but no Pictures - the pics still show up under This PC and OneDrive but thoughts of having my pictures at risk is a real trigger.

    I'm not sure where to start much less in what order to check/change anything. I created a system restore before the USB power management change (1/8) and a system restore was created [by Windows Update] 1/11 for 'Windows Module Installer'. I didn't know if I should try that (my success with restore points is 50/50), change the PerfLib key in the registry, lodctr /R, run [some kind] of registry cleaner... CHKDSK /SFC /DISM... look at the 1/5 minidump... so many choices. Yikes!

    I'd greatly appreciate any help with trying to straighten out/ prop up PC 1 while I'm hustling to meet the deadlines and get PC 2 up and running, foregoing my pie-in-the-sky plans to purge/ reorg my files & my office as I go.

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    Lots of info there. First, don't use any registry cleaners, they'd be more likely to cause more problems than fix them. Readyboost is a very marginally effective with systems with less than 2G of ram and even then just barely under perfect circumstances (fast USB 3.x port and SSD drive)... I'd turn it off to eliminate it causing more problems than fixing.

    What specific programs are you running for the project that needs completing? What is the model no of the computer? How much RAM do you have?

    Have you cleaned the inside of the computer lately? Dust/dirt can cause heat and freezing issues very quickly esp if the CPU heatsink is dirty. You could install Speedfan and monitor temps & CPU on a graph to see if the freezes directly relate to high CPU usage and temps.


    I'd be backing up all my pics, docs etc regularly so losing them from my main drive isn't a problem and I wouldn't be stressing about it.

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    I second fink's recommendations. Check for overheating issues.

    If you do not have at least 4GB of RAM on a 32 bit system or 8GB on a 64 bit system, more RAM would help. Also, run a memory tester to check for bad RAM.

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