someone has hacked and gained access to my pc i still think they have remote access
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Thread: someone has hacked and gained access to my pc i still think they have remote access

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    someone has hacked and gained access to my pc i still think they have remote access

    all my accounts 1 by 1 got emails saying sus activity and the accounts were locked THATS just to start.. emails were changed to were when i tred to log in the emails didnt even exists ... thats nearly every email and username login for all my gaming sites and applications Including a few big ones like EPIC games , the intruder erased all my friends which i was capped at 1000 and acciount named was changed and password i had 2fa enabled a great password and the hacker was able to change everything with out Epic games Knowing and with out any alerts from my 2fa and emails . im really pissed of at epic games because my privacy was invaded and the got all my personal info name where i live, my pc has been running like @zs . i tried to do what i could but it just seems to keep coming back and i dont wanna wipe my drives i got Farbar and i ran scans i will be glad to share any info about my pc Whats weird is that i got Avast anti virus right around the time my pc was hacked (after it was Hacked) but i never heard of it before. maybe im out of the loop . but i dont like it . think im gonna switch but before i do anything ive come here to great hands and minds .... pc specs >Device name IamWiiTallDid This> is not my pc name- (name is a inside joke ) i would never call anyone that.. just to clarify.
    Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
    Installed RAM 32.0 GB
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
    Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display windows 11 Lastest update AMD B550-F gaming Motherboard Corsair 4 8gb sticks of Ram rgb vengence pro.
    Gpu RTX 2070 Super
    disk 0 includes C: G: H: disk 1 D: disk 2 SYS RES E: F: disk 3 BlackNVMeB:
    C:NTFS Cap2046-65GB
    F:NTFS 930.95 GB
    Disk0 partition1 579 mb
    Disk0 partition3 697 mb
    Disk0 partition4 100 mb
    Disk1 partition2 529 mb
    Disk1 partition3 100 mb
    BlackNVMe (B: NTFS cap 465.75 Gb Free 278.44
    **** off(G: NTFS cap 465.75 Free278.44GB
    important (H: NTFS cap 3602.69 GB Free2239.64GB
    Mine(D: NTFS cap 465.13 GB Free 407.41 GB
    system Reserved NTFS cap 579 MB Free 125mb

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    I have moved this thread to the appropriate forum. Look at this link at the top of the Intensive care Forum and post the results below...

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    Is your email account all, that was compromised?
    What type of email program do you use?

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