It's completely my fault!
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Thread: It's completely my fault!

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    It's completely my fault!

    I think I killed my computer and it's totally my fault.
    Nothing turns on. Well, there is a little green light on my mother board but other than that there are no signs of life.
    I had several old harddrives that I wanted to transfer to a SSD. I had the cover off and was connecting/copying them one at a time. On the 2nd one I connected it without powering down my computer and I apparently shorted something out.
    Is there anyway to reset it or is this going to be an expensive lesson or both?

    Please help if you can!
    ASUS Prime Z690-P D4 Motherboard
    intel i5 12th gen processor
    bequiet! Pure Rock 2 CPU Cooler
    Inland Performance M.2 2280 1TB SSD
    Samsung SSD 870 EVO 4TB
    16GB DDR4 x 4
    Pioneer Blu-ray burner
    Windows 10 Pro

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    It's hard to know what shorted out. If the motherboard got damaged, there's no way to "reset" that.

    Definitely disconnect the drive you connected when it shorted out.

    If you have a spare PSU, you could try that. It's possible that something shorted in the PSU when you connected the drive.

    For file transfers, it would have been safer to have a USB to SATA adapter or enclosure. Make sure to get a "powered" adapter for use with 3.5" HDs. Something like this:

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