I just bought one of these.. the 4K version. It does everything it's supposed to but the audio output is incredibly hot. So much so that compared to all other devices I use to hook into my TVs like a set top box, a computer, or whatever the volume on the television needs to be turned drastically down. On my RCA TV from around a usual 25 to 5. Same on a Samsung TV I occasionally use.

I've searched google for days and found it's a very common complaint but the only solution offered by anyone including Firestick employees themselves is to turn down the TV. DUH! Perhaps worth noting is that this is a problem with all versions of the stick.

It's a jarring pain in the butt to go from watching TV using say my computer and switching to the Firestick and then if I forget to manually turn down down the TV's volume control have it blast my head off when the Firestick starts up. Very inconvenient for someone like me who does a lot of channel hopping esp on Sundays watching various football games.

I guess the basic problem is that there's no way to get into the internal OS of a Firestick to make adjustments. I'd have thought someone would have made an app for it but I've found only one that allows you to use your android phone to control the volume of the Firestick but a) I already have way too many remote devices to use to watch TV and b) I don't need yet another battery drain on my phone.


In any case it controls the remote TV volume parameter on the Firestick and not it's own actual volume output which remains constantly high so it's a less than half-assed way of doing this anyway because you'd still need to adjust the TV volume up or down when switching input devices.

Suggestions? TIA