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Thread: Speed test results.

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    Now this is interesting. My media server, a different PC than the one above doesn't have the same issue with Firefox. All the speed tests are pretty much the same between browsers. I hadn't had it hooked up for a few weeks because I'd been using an Amazon Firestick instead but I plugged it in for this test.

    It's a little bit newer but has a Core i3 and double the RAM.. 8 vs 4 Gigs but I don't see how either of those things would make a difference in speed tests. Both have fairly new SSD's for the main OS drive.

    Firefox version is the same on both computers.

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    I'm assuming you have Avast on the media server box also. I can't think of anything that would specifically affect Firefox. Baffling.

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    Hardware acceleration should be enabled by default. Not sure how those would affect Speedtest, but it's worth a look.

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    I'm not lucky enough to have Gig speeds at home, so I can't really compare them myself.

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