Need to extend WIFI beyond 100 ft.
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Thread: Need to extend WIFI beyond 100 ft.

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    Need to extend WIFI beyond 100 ft.

    I have an ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit Router. Everything works great with sometimes up to 12 devices going at once (when the grandkids are here). The problem is my wife has turned her shed into her sanctuary and cannot get good WIFI connection. The router is in my office and her shed is100 feet away. I bought a small Netgear Extender, that plugs into a socket, but it doesn't help. Any suggestions?

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    Number #6 is the most reliable (underground wire(s) from house to outbuilding).

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    Don't know if it's mentioned in that video but using 2.4GHz vs 5.0GHz could increase the working distance. Speeds might be a bit slower but not necessarily noticeable for normal surfing etc.

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    Any chance you can run an ethernet cable (ideally two of them as minimum) between house the "shed"?

    This would be cable designed for external use and ideally in a conduit (plastic is fine).

    If so then you have the means of establishing both wifi and ethernet services in the shed.

    There are directional wifi anetennae too which mightbe viable... But they ain't cheap.

    Another option - providing the shed has ac power is power line adapters. Devolo are my top of the line choices in this regard.

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