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    Verbatim 512gb micro SD

    I've had this exact same problem with more than one card. Have a Samsung Galaxy 10 plus with an additional 512gb microsd card. When this card is used in an adapter and a sd card reader on any pc, all files work perfectly. When this card is inserted into my Samsung phone however, about 1/3 of the files don't display correctly, or can't be opened. Once again, this same card always works correctly in an external card reader. I've already used SDFORMAT to reformat more than one card in these same circumstances. Since it's happened with more than one microSD card, I'm pretty sure it's NOT the card itself.

    Anyone else have similar problem in their 10+?

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    Is it always the same files or kind of files? Or do the ones that can't be opened change each time you access the card? What happens if you try to move one of the problem files off of the card and store it directly in the phone?

    Have you tried using a smaller card? 512G is the largest that phone can deal with, perhaps a smaller one might work better? Maybe even a different brand.

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    The type and size of the files affected might be useful for us to look for potential causes.

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