I forgot how muchI hate google chrome
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Thread: I forgot how muchI hate google chrome

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    I forgot how muchI hate google chrome

    On the news yesterday of IE 11 read about the demise.. I then read about how much google chrome is admired over the Microsoft edge ( which I currently use as some of my sites ( financial) don't like or use firefox.

    so I thought after almost a year I'd try chrome again .. and sure enough, I remember now why I disliked it.

    it will NOt allow me to stay logged in . .

    I must have logged in at least 20 times in trying to set my cookies, default browser, etc to Google Chrome ...
    I'd log in,.. surf a few sites, and then when I closed the browser - sure enough I had to once again Log in and go to my cell phone to confirm it was me and to then log in..
    close the browser.... I'd lose my 'place' again. ( not logged in)

    i tried the cookies thing -- I cleared the boxes -- not clear the boxes etc etc ..

    I'll stay with Microsoft edge for the time being .,. I was impressed with the quick time to access the site though .. but the issue of not remembering me was too frustrating ..!!
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    Microsoft edge is now mostly Chrome on the inside

    You have to set Chrome (and all other browsers) to remember all cookies to stay logged into most sites. Also computer cleaners like CCleaner etc can delete said cookies when they run so they need to be adjusted accordingly as well.

    Also make sure your Chrome browser isn't set to clear all data when you close it.

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