On the news yesterday of IE 11 read about the demise.. I then read about how much google chrome is admired over the Microsoft edge ( which I currently use as some of my sites ( financial) don't like or use firefox.

so I thought after almost a year I'd try chrome again .. and sure enough, I remember now why I disliked it.

it will NOt allow me to stay logged in . .

I must have logged in at least 20 times in trying to set my cookies, default browser, etc to Google Chrome ...
I'd log in,.. surf a few sites, and then when I closed the browser - sure enough I had to once again Log in and go to my cell phone to confirm it was me and to then log in..
close the browser.... I'd lose my 'place' again. ( not logged in)

i tried the cookies thing -- I cleared the boxes -- not clear the boxes etc etc ..

I'll stay with Microsoft edge for the time being .,. I was impressed with the quick time to access the site though .. but the issue of not remembering me was too frustrating ..!!