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    VPN Server and FTP Server

    I understand the usage of VPN is to mask the location so that I can watch Netflix or whatever when I am out of the states. Why would one need to setup a home VPN server vs buy the service such as NordVPN?

    Also, while I am on vacation, instead of bringing the hard drive along with my data, is it possible to create a server that I can access abroad? Would this be a FTP server and how secure is this? I understand that I can also buy cloud space but I rather not go down this route. Another option, can I hook up a USB hard drive to my router and some how access my router remotely?

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    VPNs have a number of uses. Once can be to hide your actual location. Another could be to access a remote network, like your home network, securely.


    How you access your data from a remote computer might depend on how large the files are and what you plan to do with them, and whether you are accessing them from a computer you own and control or a borrowed computer.

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    You use services like NordVPN when accessing servers on the Internet. For example, when you don't want Netflix to know you're connecting from a country where their content is not available.

    You would use a VPN on your network if you want to access your home machine when traveling. This type of VPN is typically available from many firewall/routers. For example, I use a Netgear Nighthawk and connect to my home network through it when away from home. Once you have a VPN connection to your home, you could use an FTP server to access files. An easier way, however, is just to map a drive to your fileserver. A VPN will make your remote machine appear as if you're on your home LAN.

    If you don't have a VPN, you could use software like SynaMan or Owncloud to access your files.

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