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    Overactive mouse

    I have a "newish" laptop since January, and for some unknown reason, my mouse (the same one I was using before) seems to be overactive. Let me explain: when I click on the left button, it will take it as a click, BUT when I let go, it takes it as a second click. So every single-click is taken as a double-click. The only way to work it, is to click, NOT release, and somehow release when nothing is clickable.

    At first, I thought it was my mouse. I was at my daughter's and borrowed one of hers. It worked fine.
    When I came home, I changed for a different mouse, but the problem persists.

    I have already checked all the settings for the mouse on my W10 computer, and everything seems normal.

    Is this really a mouse issue? Or another setting issue?

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    Possibly useful links:



    There are settings that can affect this. If adjusting those does not work, it could be the mouse, especially since a different mouse worked. Note that switches (mice and keyboards) can have a certain amount of "bounce" which can cause this issue.



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