TuneIn Radio Pro Application.
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Thread: TuneIn Radio Pro Application.

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    TuneIn Radio Pro Application.

    I have TuneIn Radio Pro on my android phone. I accidentally pressed "delete all" on all of my recordings. I could restore them, if I know the format and file location. Any suggestions on a free restoration program, and most importantly, what is the format name of the files? Thank you.

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    According to this those files are stored within the apps folders without file extensions on purpose...


    So whatever file restore program you use would need to be able to find the container files that don't have
    an extension. The example file they use is 20111131-074437 so once you restore all deleted files you could
    look for files with a similar numerical pattern.

    One user on that thread says his audio files are being stored with a .tir extension but there seems to be some
    question about that.

    re: recovering files: https://www.androidauthority.com/and...overy-1073751/
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