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    Yahoo Email Password Reset

    My daughter has forgotten her password for Yahoo Email, and the reset password process requires her to receive a verification to her mobile phone. The problem is that she has changed her phone and mobile number a while ago and can't receive a message to her old number. Yahoo refuse to allow any other form of verification and have suggested she reinstates her old number to receive their message, but the network provider has said it is now too long since she had her old number and it cannot be reinstated. All attempts at trying to get through to speak to someone at Yahoo support have failed, and even tweeting Yahoo support has gone unanswered.

    It is particularly important that she gets her email back up and running as it is connected to her investments and her business. Has anyone got any idea how this might be resolved?

    Thank you.

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    It is against our rules to help you with this. Suggest you google it and you might possibly find some help.

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    Searching google using Reset Yahoo password without recovery email will give you some things to look at.
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