What ho one and all,

I have a Cannon MP640 printer, all inks full and the maintenance / head cleaning routine give a perfect print.

A friend asked me to copy some photos which I did with my DSLR, corrected in Photoshop and gave to him. He printed at the local store but was not happy with the text cut-off. So I thought to give it a try.

I have the defaults set to Photoshop Manages colour and the printer colour settings are off. Photoshop is set to sRGB. On screen image looks good (as does his shop print/ lower image), the printer preview looks OK, but every time the print arrives with too much cyan (top print)

Attachment 15629

This is not the first time and I waste so much paper trying to get it right, but the result is always the same; I give up!!!

What am I doing wrong?

Grateful for some suggestions as my paper waste costs are increasing.

Thanks and toodle pip