How to capture whatever audio is playing
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Thread: How to capture whatever audio is playing

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    How to capture whatever audio is playing

    Moo0 claims to be able to do it, so does Audacity and SoundTap - but none of them do it for me. I start recording, then start the audio but they sit there 'waiting for audio stream.' The audio I'm trying to capture is coming from a Sonar plug in.

    I only have one active sound driver (MOTU Traveler) and I'm using 'MOTU Audio Wave for 64 bit' for both recoding and playback. At first I thought that if these programs grab the audio at the onboard speaker outputs, that might account for it because I'm not using them, I'm using a pair of Traveler outputs instead. The problem with that theory is I can record sounds from the web without changing anything in the setup. Am I missing something simple?

    Thanks - rev

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    You probably need to use something that these programs can recognize. Try changing the playback output to the onboard sound output.

    Possibly useful links:

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