Help choosing the right VR headset?
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Thread: Help choosing the right VR headset?

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    Help choosing the right VR headset?


    I've been wondering about which headset would be right for me for a long time now. I know I'll either end up going all-out and getting a Valve Index, or going with something from Oculus. This would be my first headset to be fair, but I figured if I was going for it I might as well go all the way maybe?

    I've been using this comparison guide between the Index and the Rift S for a general idea, but I'd love to hear from actual VR users about whether investing in the Index is worth the higher numbers, or is the difference not that massive and the Rift S will do just fine for me?


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    Not sure how many users there actually are for these units as yet.

    Always on the doorstep of adoption, never quite there.

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