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    winamp help

    I have been using an older version of Winamp for about 15 years primarily because I use a bunch of plugins for game music like PSF, SPC, and VGM that have plugins that do not work on any more recent media player of any sort. Up until now, I had no problems, but now that I have a new computer and Windows 10 pro, MIDI files have stopped playing. No matter how I open them, Winamp will not plauy them. Microsoft says "use Windows Media Player", but that will not play my other files and I do not use garbage players like WMP anyway as it has almost no functionality and tons of adware. What is the issue here? What did Windows 10 Pro do to stop MIDI play functionality? This is really upsetting since NO media player released in last 15 years comes close to Winamp's ease of use, and no other player actually plays all, the video game music rip files as above. Not only that, but the new version of Winamp is literally vaporware now. What is going on? Were MIDIs phased out or something? How do I get the ability to play them back? This same player does work on Windows 8 and Windows 10 Home, and my Windows 10 Pro is a fresh clean install with zero bugs. ONLY MIDI files don't work. What gives? What did they do to disable MIDI playback outside Windows Media Player and how do I fix their crap?

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    Try reinstalling the older version of Winamp using compatibility mode selecting an older version of Windows (Win 7 or 8).
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