What ho one and all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 with Android 7 on board.

Only really use the phone as a phone, but I do sometimes check my e-mail, but I don't send mails from the phone, only form my desktop.

Recently, received a Google message about an unauthorised attempt to open my Google account; it was not me, so I followed the advice to change the password. That now works for my computer, but not the phone.

Problem is, I cannot find how to upgrade the g-mail password on the phone. When I hit the Mail icon, a message appears that is already filled with my g-mail address and the cursor flashing on 'password' but when I attempt to enter the new password, it just clicks off and I am left with the 'Last Synced on Oct 30', message.

So my question is, how do I change the phone / G-mail account password?

Thanks and toodle pip