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    YouTube converter to Mp3

    Is there a good way to convert a video to mp3? I have found some websites in the past that would convert on the fly and save them to your computer. I also seen some websites that offer a download of a program to do it.
    I am trying to get a simple ringtone on my phone and like the vintage rings on phones that I grew up with. My stupid phone has these electronic song-type ringtones that I cannot hear when I am out and at the gym, store, etc. I can recognize a bell ringing though even in loud environments. I found many of these bell ringtones on YouTube.

    So what is the best way to get a conversion of a video from YouTube to my computer. The downloadable app or a simple website? Any suggestions on which ones of either that are safe to use?

    Note: My questions may be to help others
    Thanks, JB

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    Alternately you can download ringtones directly. I've used some from here. They download as MP3's.

    I like "80s vintage telephone Ring" in particular because it really cuts through.

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    +1 on this one.

    Ironically, as someone who edits videos, I usually go to software like iMovie/Final Cut, detach the audio file from the clip, delete the clip, and save it as an mp3 file. More tedious but it works for me lmao.
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    Hi there! i think u should use savefromnet. you can convert youtube video to mp3 with this website.

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