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    Charging the battery

    What ho one and all,

    Recharging seems to be easy but I don't understand. I have a Galaxy J5 and I can plug it into the computer screen USB to not only access the photos, but mainly to recharge the battery.

    Before buying a SIM package with phone for my wife (Moto E7i), I won an ebay auction for a Moto E. If I plug either of these into the same computer USB port, it does not charge but drains the battery.

    Why does one phone charge but the other do not? And is there away to charge from the screen (or computer) front ports?

    Thanks and toodle pip

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    In the not so distant past, you had to have a very specific cable built for the phone in order to charge.

    Here's a nice and long article on the subject:

    How USB Charging Works, or How to Avoid Blowing Up Your Phone
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    Are you leaving the screen on while you are charging the phone?

    What kind of USB port are you using? USB2.0 only provides 500mA, and USB3.0 provides 900mA.

    From what I can find, I see that the Moto E7i Power comes with a 10W charger.

    Assuming it's using 5V, 10W = 5V x 2000mA

    So if anything, it would charge really slowly on a USB3.0 port. If you are using the phone while it is charging, then it's likely that the USB port isn't providing enough power.

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