MotherBoard brands (ASUS vs Gigabyte)
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Thread: MotherBoard brands (ASUS vs Gigabyte)

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    MotherBoard brands (ASUS vs Gigabyte)

    About 2 weeks ago, my desktop of 9 years failed. I was reapplying the thermal paste and upon putting it back, I lightly dropped the CPU onto the socket, causing 3 pins to break. More stupidly, I used air can to try to blow the dust out of the socket and caused a few more to bend. Short story, motherboard was toasted.

    This was a Gigabyte motherboard and this is the second time where pins break/damage very easily on a Gigabyte motherboard. I assume it is from the heat, causing the pins to become brittle. So lesson learn here, don't use air can and be very gentle when placing CPU back into socket if the board is older than 5 years.

    I never liked these Gigabyte boards X58 series but the bang for the buck is the selling point for me.

    I bought a replacement ASUS motherboard (preowned) and to my surprise on a few things:
    • I don't like the ASUS BIOS as much as the Gigabyte BIOS.
    • The Gigabyte board is much thicker and seems to be better quality.
    • Ironically, although I do not like the ASUS BIOS, when I OC, the ASUS board seems to be so much more stable.

    This is my first board where it is second hand. It is also my second ASUS motherboard. I may start to switch back to ASUS.

    This desktop is still running well for the daily usages and that is why I did not want to build a new system. It would have costed a few thousand if I was to build a new desktop whereas this one only costed $150 for the replacement motherboard.

    Anyway, just want to get your thoughts on the two brands.
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    I have used mostly ASUS motherboards, but the reviews I have seen for the Gigabyte boards looked favorable.

    I am waiting for the Intel Alder Lake CPUs and motherboards to be released before purchasing the parts to build a new system, since I will be looking for maximum compatibility with Windows 11 at that point.

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