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Thread: [RESOLVED] DVD drive not detected

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] DVD drive not detected

    The machine is and old HP Pavilion Slimline desktop.

    Windows says it has a DVD drive and so does the label on the side of the box but Speccy says 'no optical drive detected.'

    Does this mean the driver is missing?

    Thanks - rev

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    Does anything happen if you insert a CD/DVD into the drive? Does it's light blink or does it sound like it's spinning inside?

    I would look in device manager and see what that says first. If it's listed then it will say whether it's driver is installed. If it's there you can try updating the driver or uninstalling the existing one and then reinstalling it.

    I'd also plug and unplug the power and data cables to/from the DVD drive and motherboard in case they're old and dirty/corrupted to try and clean the contacts.
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