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    Resolved [RESOLVED] A Basic question about Word

    Win 10 Home Pro, Gigabyte 1156 mobo, 24G RAM, Geforce 710,Word 365 up to date.

    I have investigated this thing online, and I still can't make my Word 365 stop capitalizing the first letter of each poetry line. Etc. It's driving me creazy. I go to the display bar and tick the letter "double Aa" and it chose sentence case or lower case. then save the document. Either way, when I get back to typing I'm still capitalizing the first letter of lines. Should I reinstall the f'''ing Word?

    tank you
    bery mooch
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    Click the Office button, then Word Options.

    Select Proofing in the navigation pane on the left, then click the AutoCorrect Options... button.

    If the check box "Capitalize first letter of sentences" is clear, tick it, then click OK.

    If this check box was already ticked, clear it and click OK. Then open the AutoCorrect Options dialog again and tick the check box, then click OK.

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    Great! That's what I was looking for.

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