On start or restart my icons are scattered
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Thread: On start or restart my icons are scattered

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    Cool On start or restart my icons are scattered

    Yesterday I did a computer reset. The machine was bloated with junk and wouldn't boot. I didn't want to reformat everything, so I did a reset and it went well. Only curiosity is that every time I do a start or restart my desktop icons come in all scattered. I'm investigating my settings but haven't found the clue yet. I do a "sort by" and put them back. I'm curious: why is that happening and what to do about it? Win 10 Home Pro, Gigabye mobo, 24G RAM, GeForce 710 GPU.

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    Not a fix but a workaround for now... I've been using this handy and fast little utility for years.. it remembers and restores desktop icons when they get jumbled for whatever reasons. Works on multiple monitors too.

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