[RESOLVED] [Pro] What is 'Your Company Name' folder
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Thread: [RESOLVED] [Pro] What is 'Your Company Name' folder

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] [Pro] What is 'Your Company Name' folder

    I have a folder called Your Company Name and inside it a folder called Your Product Name both containing absolutely nothing.

    Just curious as to what this is if anyone knows.

    Running: (1) Windows 7 Home Premium (Dell Studio 540)
    and (2) Windows XP Home SP3 (Dell Optiplex 330)

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    InstallShield Express is popular software that a programmer can use to create a a Windows installation (setup) routine for their program. The InstallShield Express default installation folder is "[ProgramFilesFolder]\Your Company Name\Your Product Name". The programmer should specify the names to use as replacements for the default "Your Company Name" and "Your Product Name" folders. If they don't, (or something else goes wrong during the installation), you can end up with a "[ProgramFilesFolder]\Your Company Name\Your Product Name" set of folders on your computer.

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    I had the same curiosity about these two folders Your Company Name and Your Product Name! Thanks SpywareDR for the explanation. +rep!

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