Win 10 Home Pro 64, 24 Gigs Ram, GForce 710 Vidcard, Gigabyte Socket 1156 mobo.

Some ten years ago I set up my own website using Google Blogger. I bought a custom domain name and I put together the site using the simple tools at hand.

For the last week my site has been down. I didn't know it until someone told me. It is at If/when I get it to load it takes many minutes. None of the links on the site load, either.
I've contacted Google for help but they haven't been useful. I've diagnosed my network. Everything works except for my site, and that does NOT work on any browser! I'm baffled. I need this site to be up and functioning. I've been groping for a couple of hours now and haven't found any security setting or otherwise that should have this effect. Help!