Using Windows 10 on Dell laptop, using Edge. I had a video downloaded which an error message told me the video would not play. I tried Firefox with my AdRemover deactivated and the video played. Then Firefox, which I usually do not use, indicated it needed to be updated since it had not been used recently. I accepted that and began the update. At this point the message came up that VCRuntime140_1.dll was not located and refreshing could solve this issue. OK with me and I downloaded the Firefox Re-installer, as suggested. This ran and when I clicked on the shortcut to Firefox, the message came up that Firefox was already running. But it had been uninstalled! So I went to Settings to uninstall ,again, Firefox. Then in the reinstall I got the same missing dll file message. What is going on here? I like having Firefox though I usually do not use it. What can do to get rid of Firefox, totally, and then get a clean install, finding that VCRuntime140_1.dll file? Thanks for our help.