I installed the latest ver of Win 10 Pro on a second drive on one of my PC's and set it up as a dual boot w/ the original Win 7 Pro. It mostly seems to work except for one annoying little thing. I can't get my analog audio out to work. Digital/HDMI is fine and I can use a USB to miniplug adapter to plug in my speakers so I can get audio but it just mystifies me why analog doesn't work.

If I boot into Win 7 it works just fine so it's not a hardware issue.

The only thing I can see is that when I open the sound settings I get a message that I need to activate my PC right in that window. I'm wondering if that's because when I installed the OS I didn't have any speakers connected to the computer and now it won't recognize them until I activate it. The only thing that I can find doing research is that cosmetic desktop enhancements are disabled until I buy a license.. nothing about not being able to adjust sound properties.

If I run the built-in sound test in Win 10 it says it doesn't see anything plugged into the jack even though there is.. tried it with both front and back case jacks and with speakers and headphones.

I've installed every possible related driver that I (and Windows) could find but that made no difference. And Windows says I already have the best/newest one available as well.

I'm wondering if doing an over the top repair/reinstall with the speakers plugged in might sort it out. I'm just hesitating to do that because of past bad experiences doing similar procedures with Win 7 and earlier versions. Win 10 related sites claim the repair install is more reliable but I don't always believe what I read LOL.