[RESOLVED] Scrolling in Windows 10 with a Bamboo Fun
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Scrolling in Windows 10 with a Bamboo Fun

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Scrolling in Windows 10 with a Bamboo Fun

    I just "upgraded" to Windows 10 and of course, I have some re-configuration to do.

    I use an old Bamboo Fun tablet, model CTE-650.

    I reset everything BUT the scrolling.

    Before the upgrade, I could use the left-click button on the pen, and it would "anchor" a page (web page or doc) and I could scroll up/down or left/right, depending on the document. Now, it does not do it anymore. It requires me to use the scroll bar which is much less efficient then moving a document/page by "grabbing" it.

    At this point, I cannot even scroll through the program list in the start menu of W10 since it does not have a scrollbar!

    I have the latest driver installed, and I have contacted Wacom. They can only say "features are changed with Windows 10 and you are using an older tablet". That is all.

    So, I am wondering if anyone would know of any way to configure that tablet OR if there is a setting in W10 that might need to change. If I use a mouse, the wheel does that scrolling (at least up/down) but now, I can't do that with the pen.

    Any suggestion?

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    Nevermind. I found the answer! I needed to configure the button for Pan/scroll.

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    the driver is use for configure the hotkeys.
    your drawing tablet model is too old now , why not get s new one.
    I asked my friend who bought XP-Pen, she told me it was smooth and comfortable without lagging or wobbly.

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