Lenovo Ideapad 110 suddenly extremely slow
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    Question Lenovo Ideapad 110 suddenly extremely slow

    Yesterday the laptop was seemingly fine, but today after rebooting it is unusable. The weird thing is, I didn't see a windows update and I didn't/don't use the laptop for virtually anything. I'm not even sure I used the internet on it yesterday.

    I tried to start in safe mode using f8 but that didn't work. Right now, just trying to get the file explorer clicked and open took probably 20 minutes.

    (I can see there is plenty of free space at 779GB free, and 113GB used.)

    Not sure where to start!

    The one thing I did do differently last night is that I loaded and recorded a brief videogame using OBS recording software. It's something I have done without problems however in the past.
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