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    Resolved [RESOLVED] W7 screen resolution,

    What ho one and all,

    I am confused, which happens very easily!

    Under XP, I had the screen resolution set to the default that my hardware and 20" Dell UltraSharp provided.

    With W7, the default makes everything (fonts, icons) so small. The W7 resolution is set to the default but I have 'enlarged' things to 105%.

    However, I have been reading about ClearType and followed the link to the MS page


    What concerns me is that the 'box' which apparently should be black, is showing white lines on my monitor, which implies that I have the wrong resolution. But screen properties shows that I do have the default resolution.


    What am I doing wrong?

    Under XP, the resolution slider could move up or down, but with W7, it as at its max.

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    All 3 of my monitors are most definitely set to the proper, native resolution and I also see alternating black and white lines in that graphic. They aren't being too exact in what you should see. If it looks something like the first graphic below then your resolution could be wrong. If it looks like the second graphic it's normal.
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    That's good, definitely looking like the second.

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